Keto Pizza Soup Slow Cooked

This delicious PIZZA Soup is both Keto and out of this world! Recipe for slow cooked comfort in a bowl without the carbs, but all the flavor of pizza.


Keto Diavola Pizza (Easy, Low Carb, Legit)

I have talked before about an Italian restaurant to put all others to shame. Since my law firm days I would eat there with the world’s greatest boss and through many exposures, the owner came to recognize us and give our table some special attention. One pizza was introduced and I ate the very first,…

Chicken Spinach Pizza with White Sauce (Paleo)

  I have been craving some pizza lately, and I am fairly proud of how this one turned out. It’s pretty, it’s tasty and downright healthy! I made a cream sauce and used the rest of my heirloom tomato on it. It has fresh parsley, red onion, mmmm…. I will post the crust and toppings…