Planning a Healthy AND Delicious Holiday Party (Paleo/Keto Options)

To begin, it’s only fair to let you in on a little secret: I don’t easily get through the holidays doing Paleo and especially don’t do well with Keto….unless I have a plan. “This is how I will eat, these are the things I will eat and I will not deviate!” Now, I am currently in the fun phase of planning an Ugly Sweater party for about 8 teenagers at my house this weekend and I am at a place where I could definitely pick up a bunch of flour and sugar and make their brain bingers bing. But I would like to take a different approach this year.Homesick

You see, I could go purchase a bunch of “teenager” food and be done with it, but it goes against the core of who I am to feed people I love food that destroys their health and makes them feel terrible. So I would like to show you some options for how it is totally doable and can be COMPLETELY enjoyable to eat healthy this holiday season. Christmas, New Year’s Day, eat hearty, eat healthy!
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What’s on the menu for my Christmas party you ask?


Barbeque Chicken Wings

Fruit with Cookie Dough Dip (it’s the fat bombs, not hardened in the refrigerator)

Pineapple Kielbasa stickers

Chips and Salsa

Paleo Pumpkin Role

Apple Crunch Pie (recipe to come)

Cranberry Cider (Add cranberry cocktail juice to Apple Cider Recipe)

Best Buy Co, Inc.
Each of these are fun finger foods that don’t brake the bank or the diet. Granted, this is more Paleoesc than it is Keto, but using simple adjustments this could easily turn into a Keto list. Swap the Apple Pie for Chocolate Cheesecakes and bacon wrap the kielbasa and bake at 400º until bacon is crispy instead of pineapple. Instead of chips and salsa, what about stuffed celery? Cider is easily replaced with a delicious teas such as Berry Tea. The fruit you use for the platter with the fat bomb cookie dough may need to be limited with Keto to fruits lower on the sugar scale like strawberries, blueberries, and melon wedges.
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For prizes I intend to do something non-food related, $10 giftcards for winners of the Ugly Sweater contest, coffee mugs, and gift bags containing things like sugar-free gum, chapstick and journals. Taking the celebration association with sugar is my goal.

Games include:

  • Holiday Madlibs,
  • Determining our “ninja names” and wearing them throughout on name tags
  • Chopstix/Marchmallow Transfer game
  • Christmas Carol Scramble
  • Pass the Present (Left Right game)
  • Blindfolded Dixie Cup Stacking Minute to Win It
  • A couple of brainteasers
  • Bible Charades
  • Voting for “most creative” and “ugliest” sweaters

Overall we hope for this to be a blessing to our teens and to any of you who are trying to stay strong with your eating throughout this season. I’ll post an update with pics and recipes to show how it all panned out 🙂

Let me know in the comments if you decide to try any of these recipes and how you like them! Share or Pin using the buttons below! Merry Christmas!


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