Roasted Rosemary Brown Butter Potatoes

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I am warning you……this recipe is so simple, I don’t even have an ingredients list! But don’t worry, even beginner cooks could easily serve their families a delightful treat simply by reading on!


I have been one by one trying out my fall recipes while I try to harness my borderline obsessive need to bake warm delicious Paleo cinnamon treats every day. Discipline now means I can stay Paleo all of the way through and not go up a dress size.

I want to caveat this post by saying that technically potatoes are not Paleo unless they are sweet potatoes, but I would venture to say that these beauties are a mixture of 3 highly nutritious potatoes, so for my personal blog I have made the exception. Blue potatoes (which are used in here as well) are full of antioxidants and are much healthier than your average white potato.

Now that that’s out of the way, I can tell you all about the buttery goodness of these crispy oven roasted potatoes. These guys taste just plain fancy! If I were inviting a long time friend and wanting to “do it up right,” I would make these creamy cubes of goodness. Let’s take a look shall we?

Best Buy Co, Inc.

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