Keto Antipasto Pesto Snacketizer

I am still on my Italian kick. I don’t know what has come over me. Most often I crave things like pizza, garlicky breads, etc…but I am becoming amazed at all of the NON-carb things that lend intense Italian flavors that satisfy not only my need for garlic breath, but also appease the wonderfulness that is keto.

This snack tasted fancy, but it’s one of the less fussy dishes in Italian cuisine. The one thing I’m looking at here that would have been an amazing addition for fat and flavor would have been some olives. Olives are the bomb. They lend a whopping 1g of fat per olive. That means you eat 6 olives and you just had 6 g of fat. Perfect!

This dip has been requested of my husband to be a staple. When he comes home from work, he’ll slather some of it on some pepperoni and wham, instant protein and fat and a burst of energy. There are these “clean eating” snacks called “energy balls” made with oatmeal, peanutbutter and raisins, etc…I would venture to say that this snack is your energy roll. The fat content helps an adapted ketoite similar to the caffeine rush that coffee drinkers (such as myself) get, only the onset is not so violent. You simply eat fat, feel fuller longer, then all of the sudden you start to gradually feel much more energetic.

Enough Hoo hah! Here is this wonderful Keto snack attack!

Antipasto plate:

sandwhich style pepperoni

artichoke hearts drained (I like the kind in oil and Italian spices mmm!)

slices tomatoes

Green Basil Pesto (check to make sure there is no sugar added)

For the Dip:

It’s THIS dip + 1 tbsp green pesto mixed in (best served at room temp)

Don’t they look like delicious little pizzas? I enjoyed these so much. I love entertaining and could definitely see setting a tray of these out!

I hope you will try and LOVE these little snacks packed with so much flavor and 0% DV guilt.

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