Organic vs. NonOrganic

I thought I’d share with you guys this chart study that was done in ’95 on organic vs. nonorganic vegetables. I had asked my doctor if we were being told the truth about organic and whether it was really worth it. He calmly handed me this. Even aside from the harmful chemicals they spray our crops with, it’s pretty alarming the LACK of nutrition traditional veggies have! No wonder we are having to get on tons of supplements and feel fatigued and sluggish. We are running a monster truck on a civic engine!


Before we get all huffy about how expensive organic is, let me remind you that cancer is about $10k/year and I am not preaching as a nutritionist. I am saying that these facts stand on their own and I will buy organic where/when I can! We are all doing the best that we can here after all!

I simply cannot wait to grow our garden in our yard, it will help with expenses and I know right where my food is coming from and how it was raised! Did this chart shock you? It did me!!

Tomorrow I have loads of wonderful recipes coming your way, measurements, weigh in and the June Keto Experiment coming your way!!!

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