Feta Bacon Asparagus Roasted!

For some reason all of last week I kept dreaming about Italian food. Garlic, fruity olive oil, and cheesey tomatoey perfection. I used to love going out to Italian food chains, but then I started experimenting with home cooked quality ingredients and realized that there is another level altogether to Italian cuisine. Today’s side (or add an over-easy egg and you have brunch!!) dish is brought to you in part by these insatiable cravings!!

Just about every Christmas or Thanksgiving I love to do a variety of “bacon wrapped” things. I usually wrap plain asparagus with some sea salt and cream cheese stuffed dates, then roast until the bacon is crispy mmmmmm!!!

May I suggest, if you are to try this lovliness, that you save the grease. The asparagus will let out some moisture as well, but I say, use nitrate-free bacon and get in the habit of always saving bacon grease. Bacon grease mixed with butter can be one of the most delicious and healthy cooking greases and as long as you store it in the fridge it keeps well.


Bacon and Feta Roasted Asparagus

1 bunch of asparagus

1/2 pack (or more if desired) of nitrate free bacon

about 1.5-2 oz of feta cheese thinly sliced

drizzle of olive oil

sea salt


Using about 4-6 stalks of asparagus (depending on thickness), place a sliced of cheese over them and strap the cheese to them using the bacon. drizzle the exposed ends of the asparagus with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and oregano. Roast, turning once in the middle for 30 minutes at 400º or until crispy. Save grease in glass container for future cooking enjoyment!!

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