Keto Journey and Dealing with Bad Mindsets

Last month, I took measurements, talked to my doctor and began my Keto experiment. I have mentioned in past posts that Daniel and I have “experimented” with several different ways of eating that have really been pivotal in getting to know a lot more about the human body and very specifically our own bodies. We have learned a lot about how and what our bodies respond to negatively and also what gives us energy and helps us lose weight. The theme seems pretty clear and when we get away from this theme, we almost always regret it or return to it.

The resounding theme of good results and feeling great, hormonal and gut healing has always been a diet high in vegetables and fat. Fat feeds your brain and vegetables not only keep things moving, but provide nutrients that you just cannot parallel in any store bought product or supplement. Now, I am not saying that supplements are not necessary by any means, I am on quite a few myself. Our crop soil has been depleted and not cycled properly and now we deal with low mineral content leaving many of us in need of help in that arena, so dont misunderstand. So many of us, though, try to find shortcuts that allow us to bypass the fact that if you want to lose weight, feel good, aid healing, and have energy, you just can’t substitute for a diet high in fat and vegetables. Not potatoes, green and rainbow colored veggies. Fruit is ok in very moderate amounts, but contains such high amounts of sugar, should be one of the “splurge foods.”

Speaking of splurge foods, maybe you are wondering how the Keto experience has turned out. In short, the month started out with a bang strict and losing weight and inches, then after a doctors visit where he told me refeeds are good on the weekends, I allowed the cravings to get the better of me. During the week, I was strict and was in Ketosis, one weekend we went to Mexican food where I ate corn chips, chimichangas, etc…and I blew up like a balloon. My waist within days was an inch thicker and I had major inflammatory responses. Needless to say, I was having an allergic reaction which means I ate something (probably corn because it is so stinkin’ GMO and bad for you) that I am having an autoimmune response to. I have never totally recovered because I tried other “naughty” meals, one meal, one weekend and just never recovered no matter how strict I was. Enter the Doc.

I called my doctor and told him how Keto cycling was not getting me the results I was hoping for. My body was showing signs that I WAS finally getting enough fat, but strict Keto + vitamin A had been getting me those results. When I cycled, it was like totally backtracking. He then proceeded to ask “what kind of carbs are you eating?” To which I knew he was going to tell me that was NOT how it was intended to be done. He said, it’s summer, so eat what grows naturally in summer as a carb (melons, strawberries, blueberries). He said that he agreed that the corn (especially in this faze of gut healing) was not the best choice. I was hitting myself in the forehead. I knew I was just giving in to cravings, but I went ahead and went nuts for what in my mind was “just one meal a week” thinking that would be fine.

The fact of the matter is, my results were GREAT on strict Keto. I will be revising my plan for the upcoming month and “trying again.” Since the experiment for the first half of the month showed the results I desire, I will try only a slight variation of that. Regaining my focus on veggies and fat sources for energy, limiting carb intake Monday through Friday to below 25g and then limiting the weekend fruit carbs to below 100g and keeping it to fruit sources.

I don’t focus on guilting myself for choices that were not the right direction. I take this month as a data point. This is what happens when I choose “the old life” when it comes to food; It’s so much a mindset. I came to the end of my 5 month commitment and I learned that I don’t WANT to go back. I learned that you cannot regularly indulge those old cravings and see results. I think it’s even truer for me who is still in the beginning stages of gut healing. If my gut is not strong, I’ll react even stronger to these food choices that are inflammatory. I will post measurements and results no matter what on Friday since that’s the beginning of the month and when I usually do it.

Philipians 2:5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus

Here is my rough draft of my plan/mission statement for June.IMG_20170530_165119

Usually the planning process starts by writing it down, meditating on it, researching unknowns, and thereby solidifying it and mentally fortifying the discipline necessary to follow through. If I try to make a hasty decision then execute, usually it dies out quickly because I was not “ready” mentally to follow through.

So, summarizing, I already know that I did not see the results I would have liked to see, but will follow through and persevere until I find the perfect balance of eating what I love for feeling great and also enjoying the process. The thing I have learned is that the food with gluten and corn and sugar is nowhere as enjoyable as it used to be and just not worth the response i am getting in my body. Stay tuned with me and shoot me a comment on your experience if any with this journey!

P.S. I have another doctor’s appointment on the first as well, I should have an update on the lead detox and abouts where I am in the gut healing arena as well!

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  1. Nanette Trevino l says:

    What are the “fat bombs” you mentioned in your June plan?


    1. There are several recipes for them on my site, here is one

      They taste like fudge, but they’re a great way to get more fat into the diet and curb sweet cravings!!


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