Cyclic Keto Results and Weigh-In

I recently visited my NAET doctor that I trust literally with my life. He is a very smart and experience 70 something 15 year cancer survivor. He has been helping people become cancer free for many years now and has helped me during my CRAZY story of leaky gut which you can read if you click here. For sake of protecting him, I’ll call him “Doc,” because believe it or not, there are some very powerful entities out there that don’t want you or me to get well and want to see people like Doc out of practice.

Doc told me that I need to think about cyclical Keto which I mentioned in one of my recent posts. I decided to go with an approach that looks something like eating under 50g of carbs Monday through Friday, then having carb “refeeds” on Saturday and Sunday in the form of 1 meal each of those days (2 meals) that are high carbohydrate. This of course is sounding like a dream to me who has not touched white flour in 6 months. Doc says “it’s not what you eat 2 days out of the week that kills you, it’s what you eat 5” and he in no way means that we should gorge ourselves on all things naughty for 2 days out of every week, but he is very PRO balance.

What my first go-round looked like is I ate 25-50g of carbs Monday through Saturday, then Sunday we went out for 1 meal to Mexican food. We had tortillas, chips, chimichanga, all of the things I have not had in who knows how long! Today, I tested using my ketone test strips and this morning I was NOT in Ketosis from our little splurge. By 3pm I was back in Ketosis and will remain there until Saturday when we do some sort of carb refeed. I can see this working very well as a lifestyle because literally nothing is totally off limits and as long as you practice self control throughout the week, you have a little treat to look forward to, but you must choose wisely because it’s 1 thing. One meal. I like that the mindset is very intentional and that it’s not some binge animal-like chow down session. Although, I did chow down on some queso, let me tell you!

I had said a while back that I wanted to share my pre-keto pics and measurments to encourage anyone heading down this path and gain some support from my friends who know that this does not just happen, we have to work hard for results! It’s not going to be over night with all the remaining hut issues, but I want to recognize that progress is being made!

So my Pre-Keto measurements are as follows:

Weight: 136.5 lbs.                  Neck: 12.5″

Right Bicep (not flexed): 11″         Left: 11″

Chest (fully clothed): 35″               Waist: 26.75″

Hip (thickest part): 39.25″             Thigh (thickest part at 90 degree angle): 23.5″

Calf (thickest part): 13.25″

I can already hear the 50+ year old women “what are you complaining about with your waist being what it is!” I don’t want you to misunderstand, I know what a healthy happy place for me is and I am still hanging onto some things I didn’t have before leaky gut. I have a goal to lose about 10 water bottles worth of fat and retained water from off of me. Think of what that means! 1 pound is like a bottle of water. How many bottles are you carrying around every day that you would feel so much better not carrying! That’s the idea. Not just looking good. This is serious business. I’m a runner. I can’t afford to run around with an extra 10 lbs! At the beginning of this year I weighed 142, I can’t wait to see my goal attained! Here it goes!


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  1. Sneha Modi says:

    Motivated. Thank you!

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