Detox Ice Cubes with Essential Oils

I recently got my oils starter kit and had been wanting to try some recipes this time with lemon and other oils. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the benefits of lemon juice and detoxing of the liver, etc…but I usually don’t like the taste of the lemon peel, it tends to leave a bitter taste in my water that makes me eventually pour it out. So, a child was born and here it is! Lemon juice ice cubes with lemon essential oils.

For these there’s no complicated recipe, but I could see where you could do variations with whatever oils you are wanting to try.

You’ll need…

an ice cube tray

lemon juice

lemon essential oils

Fill each empty cube with juice and 1 drop essential oils, freeze until hard and use one cube per glass of water (I use a huge 32oz cup therefore the water is not too sour for me).

I could definitely see where you could get creative with this and put them in tea or add stevia and have “lemonade.”

Another variation I would love to try is lime oil and lime juice! Stick around for more great essential oil recipes (and NO, I do not sell EOs lol).

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