Gearing Up

 I’m writing up some meal plans for our upcoming challenge. We tend to eat similar meals week to week to make it easy to keep things stocked, save time and once you know what is good for you and good TO you, why complicate matters? This system has been unbugged and fine tuned to our needs and it works like clock work and helps us stay on track. If you don’t like it, or if it doesn’t work for you, change it fluidly to your liking, just don’t sacrifice good whole food nutrition!

I may do a video of our Costco run/monthly stock up to quickly show what Staples I keep on hand in bulk for lazy nights when you’d rather not cook too intensely, for dessert-like fat bombs, and for saving money on bulk coffee and heavy cream (this is what we use in coffee because it is 0 carb, you can use half and half, but you’ll have to count the carbs) which can get expensive if you don’t bulk-buy.

I will add here that we have found this way of eating to be very beneficial in the healing process and we stand behind it, but we have been under the supervision of a NAET practitioner who helps us educate ourselves as to what foods help, not hurt our bodies. This is my personal experience blog, not a nutritional counseling forum. I simply am putting my journey on display so to document real progress and real healing in real time. 

Today’s workout was a toughy, I only got through the HIIT and ab portion​ before skipping to the stretching. I feel strengthened, not run down, and that’s my goal. I have had a tendency toward pushing hard in the past, but during gut healing is not the time to overwork my body, so I’m happy with the balance I’ve struck. 

I’m excited about this new adventure, we have tried vegan eating, Paleo, clean eating, low calorie, and each time, we have learned so much about eating to fuel instead of living to eat and Keto seems like another learning process in and of itself, ready? I am!

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