Day 4 Food/Exercise Log

As you can tell at this point, I’m a big fan of making “too much” for dinner and having leftovers the next day for lunch. If there’s not quite enough, I keep a large bowl of salad in the fridge as a side to add to leftovers and it’s very filling and saves me time and money, woot!
I love make ahead and bulk prep because one of my biggest qualms with healthy eating, personally, is that preparing all of your food homemade is so much work! It can feel like you never leave the kitchen or that your life is ALL about making food; That’s if you don’t develop a system.

Often times, if I go to Costco (Sams Club for people who don’t have Costco), I buy bulk frozen chicken breasts, then I take them home and unwrap/stick them into a marinade. By the time I’m ready to grill or bake them, they don’t even have to be seasoned, just cooked in bulk and cut up, and put into individual lunch serving baggies to be later tossed on the salad I mentioned that I keep in the fridge at all times. My grocery/meal planning becomes somewhat automatic because, let’s face it, it’s easier to eat what is cheap over and over as long as its healthy and tasty and helping you reach your goals. But there is that one little issue of getting bored easily (which I do sometimes too).

So, to avoid getting bored, I plan one “fun” meal for the weekend or a “dessert” or treat. I made the scones recently which just satisfied every craving I had. My brain was saying “you really want Cinnabon cinnamon rolls!!” And I said, “stop that you fool, we can’t have that, now think HARD! What is a way around all the nasty ingredients in that processed junk without sacrificing taste?!” and my brain said Cinnamon Scones with Cream Cheese Frosting. I find that most times if there is something I’m craving, there is a way to revisit the memory of the food that is just as satisfying, if not more, than eating the “bad” food itself.

IMG_20170408_163937<—Scones Mmmmmmm!!

Today’s Lineup….


Water and supplements (one day I’ll post a pic of all the supplements I have to take, but not the names, I’ll explain then why I won’t tell you what I’m taking)

Coffee, cream and 1 tsp honey

2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 roma tomato, 2 pieces uncured bacon and 1 sausage

Snack: More coffee, because its yummy!!!!


Leftover Beef roast with salad on the side and homemade ranch dressing


1 Fat Bomb Recipe (new that I’m trying to create, I’ll post recipe and make the link and edit this to show that)


1 BBQ Chicken Thigh and 5 or 6 wings

2 cups saute’d green beans


Coffee and I’m not going to fool myself, I will probably want another fat bomb after dinner lol, so I will…because I can do that and STILL lose weight lol!!!

Are there specific recipes or posts you’d like to see more of? I have homemade facial scrub recipes, makeup before and afters? Let me know what you think! Soon we will be taking a trip and I’ll let you in on a few tricks we practice for staying on track while traveling.


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