Day 3 Food/exercise Log

We all have days where we go through the motions doing what’s right even when we feel like we’d rather eat a big slice of gluten/sugary cake. I am developing a mental strategy for these days that helps. This combined with a few naught-not-naughty treats and after the moments of weakness I have held strong and not back tracked.

For one thing, when I am Sooooo tempted to eat something I shouldn’t, I eat something I should. I go into the kitchen and even though I WANT cake, I eat a meat and cheese roll up or veggies and dip or a fat bomb to satisfy that sweet craving. I want to retrain my brain what it wants and train it that its not going to just give in. Progress is not made by making excuses and giving in, progress is made one “good” day built on top of another “good” day until you have months of “good” days and no “bad” days. It took me a long time to find the gumption and wherewithal to stick to something for MONTHS without seeing any results in order to start seeing progress. So, I’m not going to let some piece of cake throw me off from that now.

Wooh, if that came across kind of hostile, it’s because I’m done taking it easy on myself, I’m ready to live the real deal. Not that I’ll never have those things again, but until I reach the point where my gut is healed and my health is stable and strong again, I will not settle for sick. I thank God that He has given me the tools to use to get better, now it’s my turn to use those.

ūüĎÜ My new fav dip!!¬†Italian Cream Cheese Dip


Water and supplements

Coffee, heavy cream and honey

2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and 1 turkey sausage link

Snack: 2 fat bombs


Chicken deli meat rolls with Italian dip

2 cups salad w/ homemade ranch

Black cherry Zevia


Pepperoni slices

Jack cheese


Fresh broccoli w/ more Italian dip


Beef Chuck roast slow cooked w/ leeks, carrots and celery (Recipe coming soon)

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