A Gal With a Plan (food and exercise regimen)

It’s ridiculous how beautiful the sunrises/sets are from the windows facing my back yard. I thought that when I left Florida I left beautiful coastal sunsets.

So I had commented in my previous post that I was going to start keeping a log to show a little of what I’ve been eating, how I’ve been exercising, etc…This is IN NO WAY because I’m some sort of expert, but because I have begun to see real results. So far, I have lost 5.5 lbs, and 1.5″ off of my waist, and, GET THIS, 3″ off of my thighs! This was not even trying to lose weight and eating as much as I wanted of my approved foods.

In December we ate Paleo as an attempt to aid the detox process and speed up healing. A bonus would be losing the baby weight completely and being able to start some sort of exercise program even in the smallest capacity. So then, in January, we made a 5 month, no deviation kind of commitment to Paleo eating. With only 1 meal “cheat” during the construction of our kitchen, we have stayed 100% faithful. The only variation to “Paleo” in it’s strictest form is that, organic and grass fed dairy, we consume.

So, since the doctor has cleared me to exercise, during the week I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back to FitnessBlender. I had purchased one of their 8 week programs and I had worked up to the advanced moves on the advanced videos at my fittest, but now I am doing a combo of beginner-intermediate as I reintroduce myself. I love these guys because they don’t encourage you to do anything extreme, the workouts on YouTube are their own personal “gym time” and they look great in their mid-30’s (when most people start majorly declining in health) eating nothing but REAL food and working out. I recommend looking up some of their Q & A and grocery haul videos where they reveal how uncomplicated healthy eating can be.

Here is the workout I did today. Even though I felt more like going back to bed at 9 in the morning, I just GOT STARTED. I find that is one of the things you have to do when you are too tired and too undermotivated, wake up, don’t put on your day clothes, put on your workout outfit. There’s something about obstacles that help us make excuses for not doing what we know we should. So, if this is your problem, just try starting the workout video, or just getting your workout clothes on. You never know when that brain trigger may go off to get a move on!

Me after working out. No makeup. Skin starting to clear up after several months of hard work. Still working on getting those dark circles to go away! 🙂

I started the morning off with my “empty stomach” supplements which are very unexcitedly just detox supplements my doctor prescribed to take on an empty stomach (see why here). While this is a pain, it does encourage me to start my stomach day with water instead of coffee which is much better for your system. Then I did drink my coffee which we use heavy cream with and 1/2 tsp of honey. The heavy cream is for added fat which is very important when you keep your carbs low so that your body will begin to train to use the fat for energy instead of carbs. So I will post a play-by-play of pictures and food and you will be able to see the bare bones of what I have been pretty much cycling for the past 6 months. The recipes I post are not just for fun, they are what I was making already anyway, so if I posted it today, chances are I ate it yesterday, etc…

Breakfast: (perty much the same thing every day, usually with 1/2 an avocado)

16 oz of water with the am supplements

Cup of coffee w/ 2-3 tbsp of heavy cream and 1/2 a tsp of honey

2 eggs, 2 crispy slices of uncured antibiotic free bacon and 1 turkey sausage link cooked in bacon grease (I try to mix in the grease so to get some extra energy, remember, fat=energy)

16 oz of water +supplements

Between breakfast and working out, I downed another 16 oz of water and finished 16 more with lunch


1.5 cup mixed salad (red leaf lettuce, tomato, and cucumbers with homemade ranch

1 chicken thigh/leg quarter WITH skin (leftover)

1/2 cup green beans (leftover)

Snack: usually around 2 or 3pm

2 oz cheddar cheese

3 baby dill pickles

6 grape tomatoes

another coffee prepared same as above, then 16 more oz of water

Dinner: (I have not had dinner yet, but I am making this recipe and rarely limit myself to just one bowl, no judging lol)

Chili w/ zucchini

another 16oz of water


Sometimes after dinner I will have a fat bomb if I have a sweet tooth or chocolate craving which is most nights. Tonight I do not plan on this because I am hoarding them until I just can’t stand it no mo (I’m almost out and I need to buy more ingredients to restock). These are a favorite of ours because they’re a 1 carb no sugar way of getting more fat into our bodies. They taste just as good or better than any chocolate candy I’ve ever had and are so easy to make, why wouldn’t I do it myself?

Another thing not listed here which I normally have in a day is Zevia. I love me some Zevia. Its a soda with 0 coloring, 0 sugar, stevia sweetened and 0 aftertaste. It’s yet another golden find that helps me not miss regular soda (which was never an every day part of my diet anyway, but on special occasions or @ restaurants I’d usually splurge) and it helps break up the monotony or drinking SO much WATER! Hashtag crossedeyes….

Anyway, I’ll post maybe for about a week or so and maybe when I do my Costco haul and weekly grocery I’ll share my staples that make it easy to make the right choices. Peace!



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