Vanilla Softserve (in 5 mins)

I love ice cream, but my doctor guiding me through healing says sugar is the devil. I agree because sugar is tempting and seems to seep back into our lives sneakily. But!! I still love ice cream, so I am loving this banana ice cream trend on the scene. I tried the recipe from some Pinterest link, but since then have found there is literally no limit to this amazing no-sugar-added treat.

So far we have made chocolate, cashew butter, strawberry, vanilla, and avocado chocolate chip (I know, but seriously you have no idea how creamy and good it is!). We top all the usual things, or we eat it spooned straight from the blender. My daughter, husband and I done feel like we are missing out at all, its THAT good. Future variations I’d like to try: blending in some frozen coffee ice cubes and chocolate chips for “mocha” flavor.

Before you try to tell me how much you aren’t a “banana person,” let me just tell you, this ice cream does not taste like banana at all. It is creamy and totally kills the ice cream craving….Or at least appeases the beast!

3 frozen bananas

1 tsp vanilla extract

3 tbsp coconut cream, almond milk or heavy cream

Dash of salt

*Optional variations are 1 tbsp of cocoa powder (for chocolatey I’ve cream) 5 chopped strawberries (you guessed it, strawberry flavor), or a tablespoon of any nut butter for that flavor and extra thickness.

Blend all ingredients scraping down and having patience that it will all blend even without the excess liquid, just scrape and blend until a Softserve consistency. You can put in a container and freeze for 10 minutes for ideal texture or if you are impatient for deliciousness, serve right away. This does not freeze like regular ice cream, it will harden, so eat up!

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