Saturday Night Sunday Prep

On Saturday nights I usually dedicate about an hour to some much needed Sunday prep. 

We live 30 minutes away from our church that starts at 9:30 a.m. and I still like a home cooked meal on this day. For one thing I don’t have to wait for a seat in a restaurant and risk the lives of those around me and the possibility of a hangry attack. For another thing, it saves our family a lot of money eating “in.”

Usually I get the littles clothes laid on my dresser,

Dress, hair bows, shirts, pants, tights, shoes

Then I get mine all taken care of. If theres anything needing ironed, I go ahead and do this (asking my hubby if he needs anything ironed as well).

Next I take 10 minutes and put away the toys because I like to wake up to a “reset” living area and don’t like to wake up already feeling behind. 

Then I set up coffee on a timer to start 5 minutes before I wake up (I have an automatically repeating alarm for 5 a.m.).

With the coffee all set I prep my meals for the next day. Tomorrow is Buffalo Chicken and salad, so I cut up the salad and put it in the fridge, mix up the sauce for the chicken smother it, then place foil over it and in the fridge it goes to be put in the oven the next day.

Then I am able to enjoy my evening knowing everything is set up for success the next day.

Sunday morning I wake up at 5, sneak around to keep everyone asleep and put my chicken in the oven and delay start the oven accordingly so the chicken will get done 10-20 minutes before we get home so it can rest. 

Then I can get my coffee and relax, pray, think and get breakfast made, hair and kids done and out the door in plenty of time!

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