Fun Kids Lunch + Pinwheel Salad (lunch in less than 10 minutes)

Jeanette loves food. From the time she gets up in the morning, it’s literally a constant seeking of food that consumes her day. The first thing she’ll ask for in the morning is her milk, then a “snackie.” Because of this, meals are usually something like this:

Pre-Breakfast: banana or apple with whole organic milk

Breakfast: 1 egg + bacon or sausage

Snack: nuts and raisins

Lunch: Salad or something similar to today’s recipe or leftovers from dinner the night before

Snack: String cheese and clementines

Dinner: Protein, veggie and starch (like a sweet potato)

Snack: piece of fruit or a spoon of cashew butter

That’s a lot of food for a toddler, but sometimes I feel like I’m starving her, because in between she’s haggling for food, “maybe I could have one more apple. Maybe I could have one of Bug’s applesauces.” The pursuit of food has no end.

Today’s snack speaks to the 6th love language. Food. We have been loving learning our shapes and she adores snowmen, so I decided to give her a little tea sandwich platter. As you can see above, she was Miss America excited.

Here is all I did:

2 sliced nitrate free ham circles cut into shapes

6 cucumber slices

3 prunes

goat cheese rolled into snow man shapes and stacked

2 chocolate chip eyes for the snowman

3 match stick carrots

1 spinach leaf

(she also had a boiled egg with sea salt)

Its pretty self explanatory what you do, and you can add fruit or carrot sticks, arrange pretty on the plate. Its amazing how many more veggies a kid will eat when they look neat!

I also decided to do an adult version of this as my lunch. It was very creamy and tasty:

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