Honeymustard Dressing and Marinade 

This dressing was born from my deep-seated desire for Ranch dressing. I love Ranch, there’s really nothing that can substitute for it, BUT! I now have a dressing competing with Ranch for my affections.

Most dressings on the shelf do not have pure ingredients that agree with the things I know about healthy foods. In fact, most dressings have soybean oil (a HUGE no-no), preservatives and literally never go bad……warning flag people. If there is a condiment that is not pickled or containing vinegar that never goes bad in your fridge, then it does not digest properly in your body and should be avoided.

Enter honeymustard dressing. This recipe is so easy and keeps for a long time WITHOUT preservatives because of the mustard in it.

I love saving these old juice jars, they make pretty and functional dressing jars. 


12 oz brown, stone ground or even yellow mustard

6-8 oz honey (do this to taste preference)

*1/2 cup canned coconut milk (as pictured, half cream half coconut water)

1/2 tsp of the following spices:

Onion powder               Garlic powder

Dried parsley               Sea salt (more to taste)

Black pepper (optional, but I am a black pepper freak, so I always use it)

Add these ingredients to a glass jar and shake, or for more emulsified combination, blend in blender for 1 minute.

*The type of coconut milk I use separates cream from water, you can mix these in, but I use them separately in most applications. The cream makes this dressing have a very satisfying effect.

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