Baby Food for Picky Eaters

Jeanette, my first born was so eager to start baby food. She loved all combinations. She’d even eat PLAIN (not vanilla people PLAIN!!) greek yogurt. I remember I started her on ONLY vegetable combinations. Limited potatoes, no fruit. Why? Well I had this pure little human that I carried for 9 months and by golly, I was going to give her a right start.

Fast forward to Elijah, the selective eater. I call him selective because it’s not like he won’t eat things, they just have to be home made, well seasoned and he has pretty good taste for an 11 month old. Avocado? Nope. He will iterally stick his fat little tongue out and block all attempts at slipping a bite in.

For both of my kids, I have made their food at home. Reading the ingredients on most baby food jars will tell you that you are paying for water, food item and citric acid (as a keep-fresh attempt of preserving). Personally, I just can’t see feeding my kids something I wouldn’t eat. When I pure’ their food I either taste it, or its the same identical thing as what’s on my plate, put into the blender with some home made chicken broth.

I’ll show you one recipe that gets past even my “selective eater” undetected, and is full of excellent nutrition. The key with a baby that won’t eat his veggies willingly is to hide them in his food 😉

What I used for this mixture:

5 ounces chicken breast (baked with salt and honey mustard on them)

2 cups baby Kale

3/4 cup chicken broth

1 medium sweet potato

1 Tbsp organic butter

sprinkle of salt

splash of water to get the chicken to blend


This makes 4-5 meal servings around 1/2 cup each.


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