Healthier Yogurt Covered “Gummies”

My daughter LOVES her multivitamin gummies. Every morning as she wipes sleep out of her eyes she asks for 2 things. Milk and gummies. These are about as far down the gummy rabbit hole as we have allowed though. Most gummies are very sugary and mostly made with too many questionable ingredients.

Purer is key in my cooking. My recipes are not complicated, they’re made by a too-busy mom for too-busy people trying to still eat the best they can give their bodies.

These gummies are actually nothing more than organic yogurt covered non-GMO apricots. I found that as I cut them up for my son, the only difference between these and the multivites was that the apricots didn’t have little bear shapes.

Do not expect these to be the white coated sugar pills that ordinary yogurt snacks are. These are delicious and my kids won’t stop asking for them, but they are a little different.

I recommend storing in the fridge after this in plastic baggies for quick grab (it is after all real yogurt, you wouldn’t want any creepy crawlies or souring).

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