New Year New You

There are a lot of people who decide that magically on January 1st, suddenly they are going to be a better person. They eat pizza, burgers, ice cream the last week of December because the transformational year is coming where, through no planning, no research, no passion, suddenly they’ll wake up different.

I am no stranger to this unhealthy mindset, I grew up trying to make each year better than the last, but one year that all changed. My husband and I had been talking about our lives and what needed to change. I had made it pretty clear how ridiculous i thought resolutions were, but the handsome fella is pretty convincing. We decided to try a different approach January 2014.

We knew that television took a lot of our non-working time and that it was a good candidate for a month goal. We had recently read a book called Baby Brain rules that talks about how important it is to give as little screen time as possible to children under 2 years old, so we decided to “try” it out. For the whole month of January we gave up tv, Netflix, any motion picture form of entertainment. Period.

We found that our brains found solution for our boredom; we began filling our time with much more productive, instructive and additionally valuable tasks and forms of entertainment. I had always talked about wanting to learn crochet, how to sew, play more as a family, read to Jeanette (who was under a year old at this point), and now I was. It was liberating! I realized that I had been watching other people LIVE on tv and not really living myself! This month long goal stuck with us and we decided that we just didn’t want to stop; today you’ll find no television scream in our home. We watch a little Netflix these days on the laptop, and have a very occasional family movie night, but we have established an overall attitude of being doers.

Since that time we have set up 3 goals (usually) every month to try on for the month. If the goals we set up are good for our family, we keep them, if not, we start fresh the next month. The idea here is to think thoroughly through your goal, why you want it, how it will apply practically to your specific needs or routine, then STICK TO IT! There has to be some amount of serious commitment. You don’t feel like it? Doesn’t matter. You committed. Do it.

I highly recommend this strategy. You’d be surprised how it can change your whole life. As Alice in Wonderland once said, “I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.” You have good ideas, I encourage you to gain some stick-to-itiveness and go forth and conquer!


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  1. Adela says:

    Love this! Y’all definitely inspired us to make a change and get our TV out.

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