Paleo Southern “Fried” Okra

I’ve always loved fried okra. Since I was a little kid eatin’ at PoFolks (a restaurant named admittedly to feed people that were poor, hence Po=poor Folks=folks). My family has roots in and all around the south so we’d always carry a bushel or 3 home of okra when visiting my grandpa in Alabama. I never got people who don’t love okra like they’re popping candy, but then I had soggy okra. I’m not sure how it happened and I’m surprised I’m even willing to admit it, but there’s the bare truth. Once I started Paleo I knew that we were frying the tarnation out of this very healthful and delicious critter, but if the other option was boiled or steamed, I’d just have to part ways. Then a miracle happened. A recipe was born!!

dsc_0352dsc_0350Now I know salt is not Paleo, but I am not on a diet, I am living a lifestyle tailored to me and my family. Salt helps me stay faithful when old cravings for foods in my past life come calling. Tony’s is one of my favorite for ticklin’ my taster when I need to feel like I’m eating fried okra.

These are whole okra, but if you really need that crispy crunch you get from real fried okra, slice or buy em’ sliced and do the same roasting time, but make sure they’re in a flat layer!

Paleo Southern “Fried” Okra Recipe (Roast time: 32mins total)

Fresh Okra (whole or sliced)

Olive oil

Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning

Start heating up your oven to 400° and spread parchment paper on a large pan. Spread out the okra and drizzle with olive oil lightly. With your hands, toss and turn until each peach has a thin layer of oil. Then spread out into a single layer on the pan and sprinkle lightly and evenly with your Creole Seasoning. Roast for 16 minutes, toss and turn with an instrument, then roast 16 more minutes.

There will be brown spots as pictured, but trust me, these are what makes this okra Elvis screamin’ good!! Y’all enjoy!

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