Bulk Prep Chicken Breasts

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I enjoy it, I like cooking, baking, there’s no doubt. But I’d like to choose to be in there and not let healthy eating rob me of time with my kids, so at least once a week I try to batch cook some things. This chicken breast bulk batch got me 5 lunches, but trust me, you can add as many as you want to the recipe I am giving you and freeze or refrigerate.

I made these for lunch today and was only able to marinate them for 1.5hrs, and they were still juicy, but I’d love to see how they turn out after 5-8 hours.

The only thing I did not specify was the amount of garlic. I used about a tablespoon, but this marinade is so simple you can adjust to whatever your specific preferance is.

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  1. this sounds delicious, will need to try this in our lunches next week. thanks for an alternative to just cooked chicken

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    1. momnomsweb says:

      You won’t regret it, these were yummy! It’s really a master recipe that is so versital, I’d loto know what you think 😉

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      1. Will keep you posted 😉


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